Auto Body Repair

Our outstanding collision repair service restores your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Auto Repair Tulsa OK and Surrounding Areas

When you want the best auto repair in Tulsa, bring your vehicle to Bob’s Paint and Body Shop.

To be the best means you go beyond what others do to provide an exceptional Auto Body Repair or Auto Collision Repair. Bob’s Paint and Body is an I-Car Gold Shop, this means we have the highest training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry. We want to return your car back to OEM specifications and we have the qualifications to do so.

We went one step farther and got certified through Assured Performance Network. Motor manufacturers recognize us as best-in-class for repairing their vehicles. Visit our Get to Know Us page to find out more about our qualifications.

Our water borne paint system, Onyx HD by R-M a BASF brand, is top in the industry and affords the best color matching we have seen. This paint system is a leader in OEM approval for refinishing, backed and certified by all motor manufacturers. We are certified through BASF on our paint repairs, meaning you never have to worry about your paint repair.

Our customers frequently tell us that our refinish is better than factory. Due to the high quality of our paint system, color matching is never a problem.

We take our repairs and your safety very seriously, therefore we maintain a state of the art collision repair and painting facility.

Our outstanding collision repair service restores your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Bob’s Paint and Body Shop is a full service collision center, we do it all:

Auto Glass Repair Tulsa

If the glass in your vehicle gets chipped or broken, we will fix and replace those too.

Anyone who drives in Broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa area knows how bad our roads are. Loose rocks spray up and smack our windshields and the next thing you have a chip or crack. Really nasty hail storms can break the glass out of your vehicle. There are lots of different ways to get broken auto glass.

But when it does happen, come to a company you can trust to get it fixed or replaced. We make sure the glass is cleaned and installed properly to prevent any water leaks or wind noise in the future. Most glass replacements can be done in a day.

auto glass repair tulsa ok windshield replacement tulsa

Accidents Happen


Auto Body Shop in Tulsa Area that Works with All Insurance Companies

You have been in a wreck, now what? Do you need a tow, when do you call the insurance, do you need multiple estimates? There are a lot of questions that come up when an accident happens and since you don’t deal with all of this on a daily basis, you probably aren’t sure of everything you need to do.

Bob’s Paint and Body Shop has been handling wrecks for over thirty years. We are very familiar with the collision repair process and all the hassle that goes along with it. If you get in a wreck, you can call us right away and we will help you through everything.

We can arrange a tow into the shop and help you with rental car arrangements. After you file a claim we can deal with the insurance company directly to get your repairs completed as quickly as possible.

Our certified Mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle looking for any hidden damages. Radiator supports, radiators, condensers, suspension damage, alignment, frame damage, air bag system, and wiring damage among many other things will be inspected to make sure your vehicle is repaired completely.

We want to make the aftermath of a collision as free from hassle as possible.

Auto Body Repair General Questions

Do I have to use a body shop that the insurance company directs me to or can I take the car to a shop of my choosing?

Insurance companies have special arrangements with many auto body repair shops in every city. They prefer you send your vehicle to one of these shops because of these accommodations. No matter what they say, the choice of where to get your repairs completed is ALWAYS up to you.

My vehicle suffered significant damage in an accident. The insurance company did not total it. After repairing, will my car still be safe to drive?

Yes, absolutely. Before a vehicle becomes a total, the damage must exceed a certain threshold of damage vs. vehicular value. If it is not a total, our certified technicians have all the skills to get your vehicle back to manufacturers specifications. We warranty all our work and your safety is our primary concern. We will test drive your vehicle and have an extensive checklist to verify your vehicle is back to where it should be.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

This question doesn’t have an easy answer. Every vehicle repair is a different story. There are many unforeseen delays that can happen in our industry. This includes difficulties in obtaining parts, supplemental damages, and delays caused by insurance companies. We know approximately how long it will take us to complete repairs given there are no delays caused by outside forces and will let you know an estimated completion date. We will also keep you apprised of any delays.

What if the cost of repairing my vehicle is greater than the estimate the insurance company approved?

Insurance companies expect supplements from auto body shops. Not all damages are easily visible in the initial estimate. When a supplement occurs, we will document the damages and contact the insurance company. Depending on the extra damages, we can either continue the repairs or wait for insurance to re-inspect. If the supplemental damage is from the wreck, the insurance will cover it.